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Fresh Flavours
Creative Cooking

Ready to cook pre-prepared for you.

Freshly Marinated

Ready to cook pre-prepared for you.

Delicious Pork Loin
Freshly Marinated

Ready to cook pre-prepared for you.

We tell you what is on the inside
on the outside

No BS!

Kind words about Muscle Meat UK…

“We used the Muscle Meat UK Tandoori chicken for our BBQ party. Everyone loved the wonderful flavours. Didn’t last long and wish I had purchased more!”

“Started a new diet and was craving some flavour. Stumbled across your site and tried a few variations. WOW! you certainly pack a lot of flavour in your chicken dishes. They taste so fresh. “

“Love it – so quick and easy.It tastes fantastic the family love it”

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